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What is a Web Site?

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All of the design works created by combining the fact that the search engines have the desired user-friendly concept and infrastructure design on their websites and that the site visitors find what they are looking for and give the visitors the most accurate information about the relevant sector in a simple and relevant manner is called SEO-compatible web design.

SEO Compatible Web Design How To ...

Web design is directly related to SEO. Because the basic stones that should be considered in SEO services are software, design and content, web site design is very important for those who want to come to the first rank in the search engine. The basis of the SEO work you will do for a site should be the construction of a good site design. The user-oriented fictional creative website design is very important as it will affect the work of the search engine in the first place. So if you want to have an SEO compatible web site, you need to execute your web design project with an SEO expert.

What are the SEO Compliance Elements on the Website?
The importance of original and keyword-focused content in SEO work is always important, but it is essential to support SEO with new generation software and design concepts for the success of SEO work. The SEO values ​​of the site include different criteria such as codes, link structure, site map, page richness, images, accurate information, meta descriptions, in-site navigation elements and tag structure. Search engine bots that visit sites determine an SEO value for the site by evaluating many elements together and by this value, sites get higher in certain words.

Another important aspect to be considered in the websites is the fact that user experience is prioritized in designs. User experience is very important for search engines. Especially web page administrators who want to get successful ranking in the Google search engine site opening speed and responsive web site SEO value must be grasped in absolute time.

The importance of SEO-compliant web design: Website design affects the use of the site; The impact of the usage affects the behavior of the users on the site, the change in user behavior also affects the ranking in search engines.
The basis of this behavior structure is SEO-compliant website design. This versatile way allows you to impact your website if you highlighted corporate SEO dynamics and user experience in website design. It is very valuable for Google algorithms that the user stays on the site, navigates the pages, and visits the site repeatedly. Improving this numerical data is of course possible with a good website design. Upgrading user experience on both mobile and desktop devices is important in terms of SEO. Previously updated by Google, sites that were not compatible with mobile devices were removed from search engine rankings and had major changes in their SEO rankings. Google announced that the site speed is a ranking factor with the latest user-oriented update. These user-focused algorithms from Google reveal the crucial elements of SEO as well as how valuable software and design are.

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